It’s Personal Finance Canada

It's Personal Finance Canada

Tackling Personal Finance from a Canadian perspective

Helping you understand , budgeting, investing, insurance all all things personal finance, featuring Christine Conway a Certified Financial Planner, business owner and author along with her husband Cameron Conway, an author in his own right whose trying to better understand this wide world of personal finance.

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IPFC 09: How to Get Free Money with an RESP

This week Christine talks about all of the hidden advantages of opening up an RESP for your kids at a young age. Here’s a hint, do it right and get free money put into it every year.

IPFC 08 How to Lower Your Tax Bill with an RRSP

This week we get into the nitty gritty of how an RRSP can help you defer taxes and put more money in your pocket today and in the future. If you live in British Columbia, let us help you take care of the people you love and visit  Welcome to It’s Personal Finance Canada. I’m Christine Conway and I’m Cameron Conway and this podcast is a very personal look for personal finance in Canada. Welcome to its personal finance Canada. I’m Christine Conway and I’m Camera Conway and this podcast is a very personal look for personal finance in Canada.…

IPFC 07: Breaking Down the Q1 2022 Market Outlook

Go behind the scenes and get the scoop about what insiders are saying about the market outlook in early 2022. Prepare yourself as both a consumer and an investor and learn how to thrive in this coming season.

IPFC 05: Year End Tax Planning and New Year Goals

This week we talk about personal finance and tax tips to get you ready for the upcoming year and help you to avoid any tax surprises which may be lurking in the early months of 2022.

IPFC 04: Canada’s Housing Affordability Crisis

In today’s episode we take a loot at Canada’s housing affordability crisis and talk about how interest rates, the bank of Canada and desirability are feeding this staggering growth of real estate prices.

IPFC 02: How to Become Unstoppable with Disability Insurance

Life is chaotic and unpredictable but there are ways to protect your family and your income. Learn today how to become unstoppable though the power of disability insurance and how it can help you take care of the people you love.

IPFC 01: The Debt-Free Lifestyle

It’s daunting to tackle your own personal finances but learning how is actually easier than you realize when you use the Debt-Free Lifestyle.

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