Family Income Protection Plan

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During your working career nothing is more important than the ability to continue to make money.  It fuels your lifestyle, your savings for retirement and allows you to give your family the best experiences possible during the time you have together.

If your income stopped, how would your lifestyle change?  Could you continue as is?  Would you need to deplete your savings?  How long would that last?  If it carried on for a long period of time would you have to sell your home and move?  Uproot the kids?  End up in a new neighborhood?

If you’re like most of our clients you’ve spent years in your industry, developing your skills and experience. It would take a substantial amount of time and effort o start over again in a new industry where you would begin at the bottom and need to work your way up, or you might need to go back to school for training in a new field that you’d then have to start with no relevant work experience. 

You’ve invested heavily in your career, and it would be hard to start over.  Wouldn’t it make sense to protect your ability to earn an income from that skill set so that you could continue to provide for your family even if you got hurt or sick and couldn’t go to work, or worse, could no longer perform the job that you’ve worked so hard to excel in?

We have solutions to help families replace the majority of their income if their Doctor attests that they can’t work due to being hurt, sick or otherwise ill and the insurance company agrees.

If your income is necessary to maintain your lifestyle and the well being of your family, you need a Family Income Protection Plan.  This plan will show you how to cover off the majority of life’s big risks including illness, injury, medical expenses or untimely death.  Even if you have a group plan through work, it may not provide the protection that your family needs.

Take care of the people that you love by ensuring that they will be well provided for – no matter what life throws your way.