Investment Solutions – for Estate Planning

Investment Solutions - for Estate Planning. signing contract

We use insurance company contracts as solutions for investments because of their powerful estate planning benefits

Investment Solutions - for Estate Planning

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Know your investment is secure

For the person who is worried about losing money through stock market fluctuations.

If you are worried about the stock market and losing money, our insurance company contracts can offer a solution.  They have a death benefit guarantee that will ensure that up to 100% of what you’ve put into the contract will be paid out to your beneficiaries on your passing, reduced by any money that you have already taken out. The death benefit guarantee mitigates the risk of loss that can occur in a down market and preserves the value of your initial investment.  If the value of your investments are higher than the death benefit guarantee on your passing, your beneficiaries will receive the higher amount.

Investment Solutions - for Estate Planning

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Professional money management with companies that you know and trust

For the person who is wanting top-notch professional money managers and the security that comes with investing with a large firm whose name they recognize.

We have access to the major insurance companies in Canada.  Based on your unique needs and investment objectives, we’ll help you select the company who can offer the contract and portfolio for that fits with your Family Wealth Transfer Plan.  We work with professional money managers on your behalf who have a proven track record of successful investment strategies.

Investment Solutions - for Estate Planning

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Save money on final expenses

For the person who wants to reduce probate fees and the administration costs of their estate.

Insurance company contracts can take assets out of your estate.  As a result, you’ll save costly lawyer and accountant fees as there will be less to administer during both the probate process and on your final tax return. 

How much can you save?     Contact us to find out!

Investment Solutions - for Estate Planning

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Save time for your executor and beneficiaries

For the person who wants to make the distribution of their assets as easy as possible for their children and for their executor.

Insurance company contracts will bypass probate, taking your money out of the lengthy probate process.  It can take between 6 – 18 months to have a will probated in Canada.*  In contrast, our average claim pays out in one to two months once all of the documents have been submitted.  You will still have to go through the probate process, but these contracts can be used to quickly and efficiently pay out key amounts to your beneficiaries .

Delays in the estate probate process keep your family members stuck in a place where they cannot yet inherit or feel comfortable spending the money that you have provided. Help your children move through the pain of losing you.  This process will take one more thing off the table and off their minds as they get their claim cheques quickly and can pay off bills, debt, the mortgage or begin to create their own future- with your help.

Investment Solutions - for Estate Planning

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Reduce the potential for family conflict

For the person worried about their children/step-children/dependents/spouse/ex-spouse or other family members fighting over their inheritance after they’re gone.

You’re the one holding the family together.  When you’re gone you’re worried that your family will no longer see each other, or worse, argue about the money that you’re leaving.

For the person who wants to minimize family conflict after their passing, our insurance company contracts are a private matter.  They cannot be requested as a public document like your will can which means your decisions remain private.  The will is a public document, which means it can be contested by anyone who feels they have a valid claim on the estate.  This process alone can delay the payment of the estate to all of your other family members and can greatly reduce the amount paid out due to lawyer fees and the time spent in court.  If a claim against your estate is successful, the other distributions and outcomes that you have intended may go unfunded or underfunded as the estate has to make adjustments for the payment of the amount given to the claimant. This leaves your final wishes unfulfilled and your estate diminished.

For the person who wants to leave a bit more for one child who has helped them out in their final years without creating family conflict, insurance company contracts are private so that you can leave your money on your terms without risking conflict or hurt feelings.

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