Our mission at Braun Financial Services is to help you Take Care of the People You Love Through Investment and Insurance Solutions

Braun Financial can create a family wealth transfer plan that meets your needs.

Family Wealth Transfer Plan

You want your final wishes to be honored and to eliminate confusion, they need to be clear. Your Family Wealth Transfer Plan will be hand crafted to bring clarity to your intentions and acts as a compliment to your will. We use powerful insurance company contracts for your investments and proven strategies to accomplish your goals.

Ask us about our Retirement Readiness Report.

Retirement Readiness Report

Do you know how much income you will have when it’s time to retire? Between pension plans, personal savings and government benefits there is a lot to consider. We can provide you with an after tax estimation, indexed to inflation, that shows you if you’re on track for the retirement income that you need. If not, we’ll provide specific steps, customized for you to show you what needs to be done to reach your income goal. The earlier you start the better as it gives you more time to implement any actions that are required.

At Braun we can guide you through developing a family income protection plan.

Family Income Protection Plan

During your working career nothing is more important than the ability to continue to make money. It fuels your lifestyle, your savings for retirement and allows you to give your family the best experiences possible during the time you have together.

What would happen if your income stopped, how would your lifestyle change?

Braun Financial Services has called New Westminster B.C. home since 1977 and has helped hundreds of families just like yours secure their future and live with more peace of mind today.

Being independent means we have access to a variety of investment, retirement and investment options from numerous companies such as Manulife, Sunlife, Canada Life, Empire Life, Desjardins, RBC and others.