Family Wealth Transfer Plan

Our Family Wealth Transfer Plans are for clients who are looking towards the future and are wanting to create a legacy for their family.

You want your final wishes to be honored and to eliminate confusion, they need to be clear.  Your Family Wealth Transfer Plan will be hand crafted to bring clarity to your intentions and acts as a compliment to your will. We use powerful insurance company contracts and proven strategies to accomplish your goals.

We have a process that will help you define what you want, which will eliminate confusion and delay and will remove the burden of your children having to decide for you during an already stressful time – especially if they don’t agree.  It will be in writing and they will have the ability to work with your personalized team at Braun Financial who have gotten to know you, understand why you have made your decisions and can be your advocate.

A Family Wealth Transfer Plan will manage your wealth during your lifetime and guide your power of attorney and eventually your executor toward the outcome you desire.

We make transferring money to your family after your passing easy, stress free and hassle free.

A Family Wealth Transfer Plan may be for you if you…

  • Are 70 years of age or older.
  • Live a comfortable lifestyle with more money than you need.
  • Have adult children or other individuals that you want to benefit from your life’s work and savings when you’re gone.
  • Have an adult child or trusted contact person who is willing to participate in the process of setting up a Family Wealth Transfer Plan.
  • May have recently downsized or transitioned to independent living.

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Our firm may be a good fit for you if you agree with the following statements:

  • You want to maximize the amount of money that you leave to your family.  You don’t want the value of your hard earned money to erode due to unnecessary taxation and probate fees leaving less to the people you love.
  • You acknowledge that your estate will have costs to it, and you want to make arrangements to have the money available so that important assets or family heirlooms don’t have to be sold to cover the costs.  
  • You want to reduce the potential for conflict between family members by leaving very clear instructions.
  • You want your money to become quickly and easily accessible to your beneficiaries.
  • You’d like to take stress off of your executor and family by planning ahead of time.
  • You believe in the value of being well prepared.
Braun Financial can forge a Family Wealth Transfer Plan to meet your needs

When you look at your life, you smile.  It’s been good. Sure, there have been struggles, but overall it has been a life well lived. You’ve succeeded at life.  Raised a family, and now you are comfortable, with more than you’ll need during your lifetime.

The best part has been your children. You’ve taught them and watched them grow and raise children of their own.  You’ve been proud of successes and cried with them through pain and failures.   You only want the best for them.  To know that they are safe and warm and well taken care of.

You want to leave them a gift.  One last gift in the end.  This gives you peace of mind and brings a smile to your face. You want to be part of the story that they pass down to your grandchildren and great grandchildren about how your sacrifice and generosity allowed them a lifestyle they would never have been able to obtain otherwise.  You bought them freedom, a freedom that you never had, that you paid for with hard work and sacrifice.

You are looking for an effective way to leave money to them, and you want it to be stress free and easy. The details will be taken care of ahead of time.  Your children won’t have to worry or wait or disagree as they try to interpret what you wanted.  They’ll know.  And your wishes will be carried out with clarity and confidence.

Life is about family. Ultimately, we want to take care of the people we love, taking our feelings of care and concern and turning them into something tangible that will have a meaningful impact on the next generation for years to come.

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