Protect Your Wealth

Your greatest financial asset is your ability to earn an income and provide for yourself and your family. However, unexpected events can disrupt the best laid plans and a change in your health can have catastrophic implications. Insurance is simply a tool you use to transfer that financial risk from yourself to an insurance company.

During each stage of life there are ways to insure yourself to provide the protection that you and your family need.

Disability Insurance can protect earned income during your working years, regardless of whether the injury occurred on or off the job. Public programs like workers compensation and EI typically only provide benefits if an injury occurs on the job and does not protect you from the financial impact of an illness.

Critical Illness Insurance can give you access to a tax free lump sum benefit to be spent at your discretion if you are diagnosed with one of several medical conditions such as cancer or heart attack.

Long Term Care Insurance can provide funding for medical costs included assisted living or other care costs.

Life Insurance can be structured to protect assets, like your home, and provide a tax free lump sum for your family if you die prematurely.
Insurance is a cost effective way of safeguarding the future of your family. When you look at what you are protecting you realize how important it becomes to get the coverage you need. We can help you design an insurance program that is best suited to your needs and your budget.


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