Grow Your Assets

Most people look for investments that have a proven track record and seasoned management teams. Investments that are well diversified and that provide competitive returns and solid long term performance. But where to begin?

In creating an investment portfolio for someone, we start by finding out how that person feels about things like investment risk, level of understanding and what the purpose of the investment is. We then choose from a wide selection of products to build a mix of investments that is most suited to the situation. We typically use insurance company products such as segregated funds and GICs. Segregated funds are like mutual funds in that they provide diversification, potential for good returns, but also have a variety of guarantee and estate benefits not found in other investment products.

We offer a wide range of plans: RRSP, Non-Registered Accounts, Tax Free Savings Accounts, RRIFs, Annuities and GICs. We can also help you set up locked-in accounts should you change jobs.


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