Summer Sun & Tax Credits

August 16, 2012

With the sun shining outside, we’re all looking for ways to make the most of it. Trips to the beach, hiking and impromptu games of tennis seem to fill up the long summer days. With school out, kids seem to be itching to get active as well. A healthy dose of sunshine and interaction with friends keeps us healthy, no matter what our age.

The good new is, if your children are under the age of 16 (or 18 with a qualifying disability), you could receive a tax credit on a maximum of $500 paid for helping them stay active. The Children’s Fitness Tax Credit has the following criteria:

The program must be ongoing, which is defined by the CRA as a minimum 8 weeks consecutive (5 days if it is a camp). The activities must be supervised, and must involve an element of cardio and muscle strength/endurance/flexibility or balance.

Starting late? This program is not exclusively for the summer and can be enjoyed year round. So view it as an added benefit to raising healthy, active kids!

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